EGNATIA ODOS SA is a company with a substantial and decisive contribution to the decentralization of public works management, both at sectoral and geographical level. It is also at the forefront of the effort to upgrade the way public works are produced, focusing on utilizing modern financing tools and new financial and operational strategies, holistic project design, controlling and adhering to schedule, costs and construction, high quality projects and specifications
The company is responsible for the design, construction, maintenance, operation and management of the largest road axis in Greece, which together with its vertical axes reaches a total of 1000 kilometers.
The Egnatia motorway crosses the regions of Epirus, Macedonia and Thrace and at the national level provides the opportunity for additional investment in transport, industry and tourism, which is a key development point for northern Greece. At European level, it joins the industrial centers of the West with the East, at the same time acting as a collector of transport routes in the Balkans and in the South. Europe.
Pan-European Corridors IV (Berlin – Sofia – Thessaloniki), IX (Helsinki ending in Alexandroupolis) and X (Vienna – Belgrade – Thessaloniki). end at Egnatia motorway
The natural and manmade environment along the project is extremely diverse, both in the mountainous areas of Pindos and Western Macedonia and in the lowlands of Central, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. The Egnatia motorway runs through mountainous and lowland landscapes of Greece, of exquisite beauty and ecological significance. Along the axis are located:
17 Nature Conservation Areas of the European Network ” Nature 2000 ”
4 Wetlands protected by the Ramsar International Convention
70 wildlife conservation areas
270 places and monuments of historical interest
Most of the largest rivers in Greece

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