Destination Marketing and Management Organization (DMO)

An ambitious project such as the Cultural Route of the Ancient Theatres of Epirus requires effective management tasked with ensuring the highest quality of not only the sights chosen by visitors, but also the services used: road network, public transport, restaurants, shops, hotels and other accommodation.

The Region of Epirus, whose initiative the design and implementation of this new tourism product addressing cultural tourism is, has assigned the role of Destination Marketing and Management Organization to the Development Company “Epirus S.A.”. Epirus S.A. undertakes to coordinate and ensure the smooth operation of any type of infrastructure associated with the Route, in collaboration with the relevant bodies.

EPIRUS SA shall be responsible for the following three key actions:

  • The coordination for taking care of the proper operation of all infrastructure in the route in cooperation with the relevant bodies.
  • The administrative support of the Development Pact (cluster), which shall be comprised of businesses opting to collaborate -through a “Local Development Pact” (see further below) – in the provision of local products and services to visitors.
  • The promotion of the Route in the tourism market, which includes the management of all digital media developed to this end.

The DMO shall be available to any tourism professionals wishing to operate in Epirus’ new tourism product. Moreover, it shall actively pursue the continuous improvement of the product, its enrichment with new activities and the participation of an ever-increasing number of local businesses and bodies in the Development Pact network.