ZOINOS WINERY is the oldest and the biggest winery in the NW Greece, established in Zitsa in 1972. The initial aim was to rescue and improve the cultivation of the indigenous varieties; the white Debina (was recognized in 1972 as PDO Zitsa) and the red Vlahiko –Bekari (PGI Epirus).
ZOINOS WINERY produces two kinds of wines (still and sparkling) and distillates.
In recent years, the company runs a number of investments in order to upgrade its Winery and established a new winery in Ioannina.
ZOINOS WINERY uses innovative methods of cultivation and vinification, in order to create quality and value for money products.

The roots of the vines lay in calcareous soils with steep slopes ensuring good drainage of water.
The soils in the spring at the beginning of vegetation and in autumn during ripening, store heat in the day and attach it to the roots at the cold nights, making them suitable for producing high quality wines especially whites.


One of the finest white grape varieties of the Greek vineyard Debina has been cultivated in this particular environment for centuries. Cause to the microclimate of the region, Debina ripens slowly reaching the ideal maturation, retaining the acidity which is essential for the production of sparkling wines and distillates. The distinctive flavors and aromas of the variety, make our wines stand out for its freshness and intense floral aromas, citrus and green apple.
In 1974 Zitsa was one of the first regions in Greece that got the Appellation of Origin (PDO)
Other red varieties which are grown in the region of Zitsa are Vlahiko and Bekari .

Ωράριο Λειτουργίας

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