The High Mountains is a social cooperative founded in 2015 by people who live and produce in mountainous areas. Our members are farmers, food processors, livestock farmers, beekeepers, but also carpenters, artists, makers and scientists.

Our vision is to succeed in a “Worthliving Integrated Development” scheme in mountainous areas. We try to revive our villages in an holistic way, to adopt or create models and techniques of producing, distributing, consuming and living, customized to the special needs, conditions and environments of the places we have choosen to live in and attached to the values we want to live by.

Our goals and work includes efforts in many different, but interconnected fields.

Boosting Mountainous Economy and Production

In general, we adopt the Commons Based Peer Production and the Design Global Manifacture Local concept, which gives us the chance to be a part of the global village, to lift the barriers of mountainous isolation, to share the knowledge we have with others and take new inputs from them. For that, we collaborate with the Tzoumakers makerspace (, making our own small-scale, open-source agricultural tools.
We embrace traditional products, ways and methods of production, evolving them by mixing with modern technology
Trying to create and promote consumers cooperatives and Community Supported Agriculture systems as a way to lift the isolation from the markets that encounter both consumers and producers in mountainous areas.
We are a network of people who live and produce in the mountains, so we are trying to create a common mountainous brand for our products in order that we promote them through practices like collective marketing
Reviving Mountainous Societies

To revive the decimated mountainous societies and make our lives better, with more social interaction, but also to solve the issue of lack of working force, we use platforms like WWOOF , Workaway, HelpX, to attract volunteers from all around the world. Every year our members host travellers who live our lives, help us in our works, bring new ideas, live together with our families and make our villages more vivid.
We organize the High Mountains Solidarity Tours to help each other in different projects or works, but also to meet and have a nice feast together
We give the opportunity to visitors to customize a tour around our members places, see and learn about the lands, our history and culture, our projects, taste our productions, meet our people, live for a while like us, with us. Even if it is, we dont consider this a touristic product, but mostly a part of our social life and a deep need and opportunity to communicate the authentic side of our culture and life.
The cooperative, through it’s members and their knowledge, offers consulting to whoever wants to leave the citylife and relocate to a mountainous village. Also we offer consultancy to mountainous municipalities about policies they can adopt, to help people relocate to their territory.
Protect the Environment, Reclaim Mountainous Space and Abandoned Properties

All of our members produce in a respectful way towards nature (organic, nutural cultivation, permaculture)
Developing new ways of cultivation and types of infrastructure to reclaim the difficult and pretentious mountainous space (rocky and hard soil, big sloaps, small peices of land)
We are trying to restore old infrastructures and make good use of abandoned properties. To do that we are mapping all the abandoned infrastructure, houses, fields, resources etc and we propose to their owners ways of collective investment to make good use of their fortunes, so they can benefit themselves and the development of the area.