Beekeeping Sofias

The story of the business dates back to 1980 when Sofias Panagiotis, with a few bees, made the decision to work professionally in beekeeping. Little had become many until he had managed to have 300 cells.Subsequently his sons took over Christopher and Zisis Sophias were then enchanted and enamored of the bee-keeping community and, having a love for the job, managed to date 1,500 bees, along with 1,000 queen-producing cells. Every year they travel around the country hunting for flowers such as pine, fir, oak, etc. Their annual honey production ranges from 15-25 tonnes depending on the weather. The apiary family has also advanced in the field of promotion. In the village of Grika Thesprotia where it is based, has installed HACCP and ISO certified packaging. The products it produces
are honey, pollen, royal jelly, wax, cherries, propolis. We also have queens for beekeepers

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