Fysei (Naturally) Organic Products

Our experience and knowledge(Vasilis-M.Sc. Food Scientist and his wife-cosmetician) and our long-term cooperation with organic growers have led us to create a space that expects to offer you the best products on the market. With our desire to offer you unique products we made sure to meet many Greek producers. Having a crucial role in the production of worlds’ premium EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), ranking top yearly, we can offer a variety of the best Olive Oils in the world, explain every aspect of the production and visit our tasting room.
Aiming to the principles of reliability, hospitality and respect, we look forward to meeting your nutritional needs, sharing tasting experiences and expanding our gastronomic horizons.
We can also advise and guide you properly in the field of organic cosmetics.
The store is certified by the Dio Organic Certification and Control Organization and operates under ISO 22000 for food hygiene and safety.

Ωράριο Λειτουργίας

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